Ooooh la la Paris.  Cet a été trop longtemps. Oh Paris comment je vous manque.  Italy was too close to Paris for me to not stop by and say hello.  Of course, so much is moving right now that I spent the first two days in my friend’s flat.   I stepped out to go to the market and took a stroll through Montrouge, a suburb that is literally a hop, skip and jump from the city.  Tempted to walk to Paris I opted for the Metro instead.   My hipster super-fly homegirl Nadine lined up a few activities.  We saw Sandra Nkake at Le’Cigale, sipped guava juice and champagne at Beau Lounge, a lucious late night spot with chocolate decor (the carpet, the chairs, the walls—all chocolate).  Mmmmmm.

I met some of the most down-to-earth fabulous women in the world.  Check out Aimee, jewelry designer and stylist, a  She and her friend, Lauril, a talented graphic designer, did the Dave Letterman and wrote out “The Top 10 Reasons Toni Must Move To Paris”.  Started this entry while still in Paris…I’ve flown through Istanbul, spent a few days in Baku (Azaerbaijan that is…) and am finally home on Planet Brooklyn.  Will fill you in on the mini-tour later (the

performances, the food, etc..), but thought I would post my update.  Bisou…for now.


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