Paris Grooves

Rockin' w/ Rodolphe on sax in Oberkampf

So I really need to upgrade my blog account so I can post video.  Nadine linked up a nice performance opportunity for me with this Hip Hop Jazz band.  They had a gig in the Oberkampf area of Paris and I sat in on a few songs.  It opened my heart to work with these guys- Yann, Dan and Rodolphe.  Helmie, my new BFF–a Congolese singer and a September 5th Virgo, was there with her manager/friend/photographer.  Shay Mane, sound designer/producer, came through with Alfie, a respected music/arts event producer/consultant.  Merci beaucoups to LeRoi for being my guide and making sure my travels to and from the venue unfolded with ease.

Alfie sent a message about the jam at New Morning, the most reputed jazz club in Paris. Aimee and DJ NoJoke accompanied me to the club in Chateau d’eau.  The website for New Morning isn’t coming up for some reason, but do check out this spot.  The musicians were incredible!  I got open and did a full performance of a song—complete with freestyle verses, a hook with the audience, a spoken word insert and a written verse.  It was great to share energy with those guys.  I left Paris for Baku the next morning at 5am.  Not pretty, but I felt fulfilled.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, there is nothing like good music, nothing better in the world.  Um, except maybe good food.


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