Sunset in Yamoussoukro

It feels as if the ice age is upon us.  Snow has come for the umpteenth time.  I know  is not the most attractive piece of clothing, but the old North Face coat is holding up.  The rebellious part of me refuses to buy a new coat.  It’s as if my vision of spending winters in Africa and other warm locales will manifest simply because it is my desire.   There were times in my life when it was that simple.  I could manifest a plane ticket just by closing my eyes, thinking about it and then speaking out loud.  I’ve ended up on tour in a host of different place ‘just because’.  It still happens, only not as often.  Maybe it’s because I’m focused on project completion right now.

I think I’ve posted this photo from our Hip Hop Peace and Reconciliation Tour in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) as an exercise in being able to manifest once again.  It also brings back great memories.  This serene photo was taken after a bumpy ride in the rain.  We had already visited 3 or 4 cities, conducted workshops, performed and organized shows with local emcees and b-boys.  We were on our way back to Abidjan.  It was the end of the journey with only a couple more days in the country.  When I first began traveling I didn’t take many photos.  The idealist in me thought that I could have a ‘better’ experience by being ‘in’ the experience….as if experiences can really be rated and compared 🙂 I am glad I took this one.  I’m amazed at how one photo can bring up hundreds of memories in a split second.  The recording session in Abidjan was beautiful.  I miss the artists, the music and the sunset.


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