Saturday Night @ 92Y

The fabulous fashionista and Afripreneur, Ngozi Odita, joined forces with Nomadic Wax’s Ben Herson to coordinate Saturday night’s panel discussion.  Ngozi has been an inspiration for a lot of sisters aspiring to run their own businesses. The panel was just part of the evening line-up that included the film Fangafrika and a concert with Meta and the Cornerstones. The talk dealt with African culture-how it is being represented and marketed and how perceptions are shifting.  Rebekah Frimpong and Larry Ossei-Mensah dropped priceless jewels throughout the discussion.  It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t plug the culture makers below.  Check them out.  Be inspired and be enlightened:
Rebekah Frimpong –
Larry Ossei-Mensah –

Joelle, Toni & Meron @ Fangafrika

The networking was so on!  I had a chance to politick with the globally-minded journalist/blogger, Joëlle Dussek and her girl Meron Degnaw, who is spearheading the Afro-Rootz Festival in Ethiopia at the end of this year.  Two women to watch in the movement toward elevating Africa to its rightful place in the world’s eye…


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  1. thx for coming thru.. 🙂

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