Nneka and Operatic Pop

Bumped into Afripop Mag’s Yolanda Sangweni as Riders of the Storm, on assignment doing PA work for BET’s show “The Deal”, were escorting me up 6th Street, the main strip.  The night was poppin’ and the pollen had yet to begin its dirty work so I was still in chill mode.  The only thing I was stressed about was making sure we were at the Parish by 9p.  As we stood there at the Parish waiting for Nneka to take the stage, we were pleasantly surprised as Kate Miller-Heidke’s operatic pop blew our minds.  Onstage she talked about her tour with Ben Folds and had us cracking up as she sang the most hilarious song about an old love.  The Facebook song is what everyone called it.  Of course, Nneka rocked it so hard and from such a pure space that the whole club wanted whined at the end of her short SXSW set.   It was way too short.


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