Hip Hop Subway Series

Charlotte, CoCo Sarai, Kween Kash, and AtLas brought the feminine fire on the 4 train.  Kid Lucky’s Hip Hop Subway Series is a retro revival of lyrics, beatboxing and pure hip hop love.  The ladies were amazing.  AtLas, an emerging lyrical phenom, booked this special segment as a tribute to International Women’s Month (March) and Lucky agreed to feature Hip Hop Sisters and Rhyme Like A Girl.  Even though the coordinator was clearly honoring women some of the guys forgot and needed to be reminded.  We met on the back of the platform of the Uptown 4 Train at 42nd Street Grand Central.  By the time we got to 96th street the ladies who were on the outside of the cipher had bogarted their way in, voices resonating, lyrics elevating and their presence balancing out the testosterone in the loveliest of ways.  Kween Kash, whose freestyle always seems to be on, was in a Sunday kind of mood, but once she opened her mouth she had the train rocking.  I wish I would have had time to get all of the guys info so I could shout them out too, but it is Women’s Month so I wouldn’t want to lose the celebratory focus.   Of course, I spit a bit and will have to get footage from someone else’s camera for you to enjoy.  Just had to blog it up for you.  Wish I could package it up for you, put a stamp on it and share some of this good hip hop love, but technology hasn’t caught up with my desire.  🙂  Anyway, Hip Hop in NY ain’t what it used to be, but it’s definitely alive and well….at least I think so.  Unfortunately, the flip cam is not cooperating with WordPress right now so no Vid.  😦


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