My Saturdaze

I bumped Eagle Nebula and am now listening Ali Farka Toure.  It’s that kind of Saturday in Brooklyn.  As the sunshine filled skies turn to gray, I guiltily welcome the rain.  It’ll wash away the pollen for a spell.  I dare not say it aloud.  It will probably wash out a few spontaneous barbecues.  This kind of Saturday is also good for writing and reading.  I am so close to finishing my book that it makes me anxious.  Once it’s done, I must present it to others for critique and editing.  Then we’ll have to secure a deal or figure out how to publish it.  Oh, and let’s not even talk about the unfinished creative memoir that needs revisiting.  So I find some great ways to distract myself.

Today I….

  • Came in from teaching an ‘art of emceeing’ class in Queens
  • Wrote some haiku after reading Sonia Sanchez’s new book “Morning Haiku”
  • Experimented with a recipe for wheat-free, gluten-free scallion cakes and a dipping sauce (yes, they were yummy and hit the spot).   I never considered the possibility of making savory pancakes, but tasty, tasty, tasty.
  • Started reading KRS One’s “The Gospel of Hip Hop”

I have no idea what the night holds, but it was a perfect Saturday today.


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