Boom Bap Meditations

I am a ‘zoner’, a checker-outer.  My mind will detach from my brain and before I know it I am getting my daydream on.  I’ve learned how to not it let happen while driving or walking, but sitting even while I am working is out of my control.  Today’s heading ‘Boom Bap Meditations’ is about beats and zoning.  There are some hip hop beats that are so head-noddingly good that one cannot resist a little mind-travel.  Right now, I am listening to my favorite DJ in the whole wide world—Gilles Peterson World Wide.  His show is featured on’s jukebox: and this week’s playlist is a tribute to drum and bass.  Now, if your heart doesn’t necessarily respond to drum and bass it might sound like a bunch of noise, but for the drum and bass-head it’s a rhythmic heaven.  It’s a great mix of the architects of drum and bass like Carl Craig and then there’s Roni Size and remixes of groups like the Fugees and legends like John Coltrane.  There’s United Future Organization, Carlito and Photek.  Plus, Gilles’ radio show is like a quick visit to London. So take a listen…and Bon Voyage! 🙂



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