The Love of my Life

I have an old friend, a former DJ and record store worker, who texts about the latest Hip Hop releases.  He waxes poetic on our monthly phone call about what he’s feeling and who sampled what.  Then I have a friend in South Africa who keeps me hip to ‘what’s next’ and ‘who’s next’ in the southern region of the continent.  I remember Bahamadia once saying she would put the mic down when she was down, that she would hold it old and gray.  As the years go by and Hip Hop continues to evolve and change, there is one thing that doesn’t change.  We’re still a part of it.  It wasn’t a fad or a trend, but something we were and are all still connected to.  I wonder what a 70 year old hip hop head will look like.  How much will Hip Hop change and what remnants of it will survive?

I am committed to unpacking some more stuff this morning, but just came across one of the highlights of 2009.  While hosting the Black August Concert with Rod from Rebel Diaz, I had two big thrills:  1)watching Q-Tip kill it and 2)getting my photo with Sadat X.  I don’t have many ‘fan’ moments these days, but that was sure one of them. Check the smile on her face below.  Doesn’t she look Brand Nu (bian)?


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