The Friendly Skies

There is something freeing about flying.  If I board an airplane with a problem, I am bound to deplane with clarity and lightness of being.  I just got back from South Africa attending the ManUp Campaign’s Summit during the World Cup.  The 7.5 hour flight to London and the 10 hour flight to Johannesburg gave me lots of time to center myself and be still.  Maybe it’s the ‘free’ time—free from distractions? Maybe it’s the switch in altitudes or flying above the clouds?  I don’t know what it is, but I do know that something changes once I am in the air.  I took this photo last year on a flight to Dakar.  It reminds me of the freedom I get from flying.  Maybe this is why traveling has been such a big part of my journey? It’s true, ‘you take you wherever you go’, but sometimes the act of ‘going’ can manifest miraculous clearing.


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