Visual Musings

I snapped this because I swear he was saying, "Take my picture!"

As I sit near the window watching the wind blow snow and tree branches back and forth, I can’t help but think about where I was a few weeks ago.  I’m meditating on the sunshine and the warmth of Botswana.  The people I met, the new music and artists I discovered, and the places I visited are forever imprinted in my memories.  Going through my photos I’m noticing just how many pics I took of animals and nature.  I’ve never thought of myself as an ‘earthmama’ in the literal sense, but being so close to so much nature was powerfully healing.  I came home feeling grounded, balanced and clear.  The guy in the photo above stood outside of the restaurant at a game reserve in Ghanzi.  He shifted his position several times and looked directly into the camera.  This was my favorite shot of him.  I love “postcard pics”.


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