Sekouba’s first single “Rude Boy” feat. Toni Blackman

SEKOUBA or Sekou Jo Black as he is known to many, calls his music Bolomba Stylee .    This New York resident is originally from Cote D’Ivoire. He comes from the Treichville area of Abidjan.  His music blends African reggae roots, dance -hall and traditional West African sounds.

His linguistic abilities are all over the place, singing in English, French and Spanish, Mandingo, and other dialects like Malinke, Bambara and Dioula.

SEKOU Jo Black collaborated with Ivory Coast top names in music like Hamed Farras, Babou Chico and Kady Dosso. His influences include Alpha Blondy, Bob Marley,Bob Marley as well as reggaeton and dance-hall artists. He has toured journey and had a few popular songs–“I’m so Glad”, “Sennecla” and “Diarabi”.

He sings about peace and love, and the world coming together to make this a better place for future generations.  His art is tied to uplifting Africa and celebrating it’s beauty.

The video was directed by Ceasar Young.  Visit to learn more about this artist. Oh, and Sekouba invited me to spit a verse for the song “Rude Boy”.  The video is above. Feel the sunshine….Both legendary guitarist Jr. Marvin and Sid Mills of Steel Pulse play on this track.  Congratulations Sekouba!


One response to “Sekouba’s first single “Rude Boy” feat. Toni Blackman

  1. I like this video. I wish more artist would try to be positive instead of worrying about keeping up an image. Life is a series of adventures and even though the journey is long, we must stay strong to survive and keep our feet on the right path.

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