Hip Hop Sisters Conference Call April 5th

Hip Hop Sisters is an active online community dedicated to “Women promoting positivity and encouraging personal growth through Hip Hop”.  Founded by the legendary MC Lyte, the tagline for Hip Hop Sisters is:  Not just music, it’s a movement.  The social network includes not only MC’s and dancers, but DJ’s, producers, managers, promoters, retailers, designers, industry professionals and anyone who supports women in hip-hop.  Even men are allowed to join the site if they’re committed to encouraging the feminine presence in the music and culture.

MC Lyte spoke at the Hip Hop Sisters meet and greet and is building an incredible team to help implement her vision.  One of the offerings of being a part of this community are the educational conference calls like the one coming up on April 5th at 9PM EST.  There will be a host of guest speakers calling in to share some pertinent information with the members of Hip Hop Sisters.  If you want to join Hip Hop Sisters, go to www.hiphopsisters.com.

The call will include digital marketing specialist Dr Post A Lot, HHS’ marketing chair Carolina Redd covering social media and marketing, Hip Hop Sisters founder MC Lyte who will speak to choosing the right management for yourself as an artist and other special guests to be announced.

Don’t miss it.  RSVP at hiphopsisters@gmail.com

And remember if you haven’t done so already come join us at www.hiphopsisters.com (Yes, I am a Hip Hop Sister!)

  • Hip Hop Sisters –Women Promoting Positivity and Personal Growth Through Hip Hop

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