Naturmania 2011

On April 18th, I led the Nature Raps Station at New York Restoration Project’s (NYRP) Naturmania!  The event is held in Swindler Cove Park in NYC during spring break.  Lots of kids come out in school groups, with parents and community organizations. They learn about animals, ways to protect and preserve nature, about composting, recycling, gardening, etc. It’s a wonderful approach for teaching urban youth,who mostly grow up without backyards and trees of their own, to value nature.  NYRP is doing such beautiful work as they groom an entire generation of enviromentalists, Green heads and green thumbs.

Bravo to Akiima Price and her team! I had a lovely time leading Rhyme like a Girl workshops with the young girls and also worked with a few boys during my day out at Swindler Cove. The pics include me and some of the girls, two of the girls sharing their first rap, and a b-girl from Full Circle Productions who led a dance workshop outdoors with the kids.


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