Vacation Destination in the Middle East? Oman

Near the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea, Oman is a country of surprising beauty.  Not only will the deserts call your name, but Oman is home to warm beaches, picturesque skylines and gorgeous mountains.

Traditionally Islamic, the call to prayer echoes through the air injecting peaceful reminders that acknowledgement of Allah and the divine presence is a priority.  There is still a feeling of acceptance of others, of difference.  I believe the focus on a spiritual practice adds something special to the energy of the city.  We spent most of our time in Muscat.  I loved shopping in Seeb Souk, eating grilled seafood at a street cafe near the beach, meeting new people and seeing the mosques.  I made so many new discoveries about the African presence in Oman and its connections to Zanzibar.  The food at Hotel Intercontinental would satisfy even the most demanding foodie. The buffet included Middle Eastern foods, Indian, and North and East African.   If one is considering vacationing or exploring the Middle East, Oman is a wonderful place to start.   Below are a few photos taken by Gordon Bronitsky:

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One response to “Vacation Destination in the Middle East? Oman

  1. Lovely photos – what a great destination. Amazing architecture.

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