Gratitude Moment: Rising with the Sunrise

This morning I posted this as my Facebook status:

I, for some reason, woke at 4:45am. My mind and soul wanted to rise even though my body is still craving sleep. The unexpected surprise was catching the sunrise. I haven’t caught one of those in a long time. Isn’t it amazing that like clockwork the sun goes down & comes back up again? It happens everyday, without fail. We wonder if it’s gonna’ rain or if it’ll be hot, but we never wonder if the sun is going to rise again.

Here is an early morning comment:  ” Toni, we talk about the sun rising, but when we think of it as the earth turning, every 24 hours, to give us new experiences by the minute, it opens up a world of opportunities.” Philippa Thompson Jackson

It was so beautiful I thought I would share.  Good Morning World. 🙂


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