Lauryn Hill and the Universe


A few of my ‘music critic’ friends inboxed me this tune on some “what chya’ think?” business. They know I am both hip-hop head and a fan of Lauryn’s heart and lyricism.  I didn’t reply to the emails because I think not.

I am in a space where I believe that what I think or what anyone else thinks should not matter. What matters is that L-Boogie is in creation and release mode. The world doesn’t just miss her, but people miss authentic passion, we miss artistic voices that are in alignment with their own hearts and not just their pocketbooks, we miss that fine line that true artists walk when the core of one’s creativity looks like “crazy” to “civilians” (i.e. non-artists) but to those truly in the artistic zone– it’s just processing, it’s re-centering.

When one’s purpose has been so clearly outlined and defined the universe will not allow he or she to stray to far from it. Resistance is futile. True artists either create or they shrivel up and die. Death doesn’t necessarily mean being six feet under.   It also includes the soulless and the walking dead. Plenty of the zombies we see during rush hour have “that thing” and gifts that could inspire the world but for some reason are not sharing them in this lifetime.

What do I think? I think that divine order is at work. I think that the universe has left her no option but to create and release. We’ve all been in that space where God put a foot in your ass–when you waited too long to leave a relationship or didn’t move when intuition told you to.  It’s amazing how life will create circumstances that force us out of our self-imposed funks.  Lauryn’s energy has so little to do with Lauryn right now. My only prayer is that she remembers the big picture and she crosses these sands of fire victoriously. We are all connected and the energy that we put out impacts all those around us. It resonates. Because of her connection to millions of people around the world, I imagine that with even the slightest amount of focus and a willingness to stay on a higher vibration these new Lauryn releases have the potential to impact the stagnation and ‘stank’ that are plaguing hip-hop music and culture.

Just let the music play…

Lauryn Hill Neurotic Society Compulsory Mix

2 responses to “Lauryn Hill and the Universe

  1. As a restlessssssssss playwright, I needed this series of reminders on today. Thanks much for your offering!—Nicole Anderson Cobb, PhD

  2. First, I appreciate your writing – real, raw, your You…we are all connected.

    Second, I have missed so much the strength Lauryn Hill gave to me, to young women of color. With The Fugees she was a voice to reckon with…I reckon there were a great sum of folks who couldn’t grasp all that she encompasses. I miss chill bumps from lines like, “I know all the tricks from Bricks to Kingston
    My ting done made your kingdom wan’ run
    Now understand L. Boogie’s non violent
    But if a thing test me, run for mi gun
    Can’t take a threat to mi newborn son
    L’s been this way since creation
    A groupie call, you fall from temptation
    Now you wanna ball over separation
    Tarnish my image in your conversation
    Who you gon’ scrimmage, like you the champion
    You might win some but you just lost one” or simple ones like, “I philosophy
    Possibly speak tongues
    Beat drum, Abyssinian, street Baptist
    Rap this in fine linen
    From the beginning
    My practice extending across the atlas”.
    Anyway, I babbled…I don’t listen to mainstream radio, so no radio in my life. I look to others, like You, to expand my hip-hopness, my heard lyrics, to find those who aren’t staggering on top billboards yet bang in the speakers and off the walls…and hearts. I didn’t know she was back on the scene. I can’t wait to feel her again.

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