Letting Friends Go: Acceptance

I have a friend who uninterested in my email updates and most of my good news insisted we talk. I had not talked to her in a very long time because she is in a different country and timezone and it was hard to connect, but once the call began I remembered the real reason why we hadn’t spoken. She brushes off much of my good news with “a yeah, yeah, yeah but you have an exciting life and there’s always a new adventure on Planet Toni”.

As I’ve deepened my spiritual relationship with myself I’ve become much more sensitive and attuned to the behaviors, feelings, attitudes and intentions of others. Sometimes I hate it but when I am grounded, I can read energy like an old medicine woman living on the mountaintop. I am still bouncing in and out of that space and some days the only ground underneath my feet feels 4 feet away. Like a kid in a candy store, my life still makes me high as a kite way too often. I have, however, healed enough to know what love feels like, and in the context of love, the people you have relationships with –support, encourage, honor, celebrate and accept you.  They don’t judge, play mental games or put you down and they definitely don’t brush away your joy like it’s lint on clothing.


Now, sometimes a friend can significantly reduce their interaction with you but then one day you wake up and realize it was something you were secretly desiring anyway. Instead of feeling bad about it, move towards acceptance.  As I move closer to acceptance of what is and learn to accept people for where they are on their journeys instead of me trying to convince them to be somewhere else, life becomes easier.  Sometimes their absence is simply a gift of abundance—more time and more room for me to focus on myself and my own healing. I am well and getting better everyday.

I am at peace this morning as I release those friendships that are no longer in my best interest. I am at peace with those relationships that need space and in acceptance that we may reconnect again later in life. I am at peace with those I need to love from afar. I am meditating on compassion this morning for we never really know why people behave the way they do. We humans can be really good at stuffing emotions and hiding our suffering.  People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I am at peace with whatever is to be. It is what it is. And so it is. Ase.




7 responses to “Letting Friends Go: Acceptance

  1. I am in love with these words and this post.
    “Sometimes I hate it but when I am grounded, I can read energy like an old medicine woman living on the mountaintop.” <-I know that truth.


  2. Therese Trudeau

    Beautifully written. Great advice and then some.
    Thank you!

  3. VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE is sharing “letting friends go: Acceptance” with all its FB networking friends … they are loving the words and the blog …

  4. The universe, that beautiful force, sent me to your blog out of a mere typo in the search engine. I love when that happens. Peace!

  5. Greetings!
    I have not read a more compelling piece in many moons. You are quit a writer and “who you are” struck a chord within. From that inner space and place that has a memory far beyond our knowing, I feel a sense of relatedness to you, Miss Blackman.

  6. Aww, give thanks you all! Thank you for reading!!! 🙂

  7. Spirit sent me to this page…I needed to read this.

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