Get Your Speech On

For years I compartmentalized my work, separating the communication coaching from the Hip Hop ciphers from the women’s workshops and healing work from the poetry but now I see the common thread. The fabric of my life’s work is weaved together so perfectly that it must be destiny.  It must be what some call divine order because I never could have made these connections on my own.

With the help of Ije Ude of Soulpowered Coaching, a business coach that guides her clients based on the principles of human design, I launched an online coaching service to create another revenue stream.  When she shared the idea she had come up with for me I wasn’t feeling the same excitement as she was but I knew there was something to it so I listened. Initially I thought my resistance was around offering an “online service” because I was so unfamiliar.  Then I told myself that I don’t really do communication anymore but what a difference a year makes.


A year later I found myself sharing techniques I learned 20 years ago as a young speech team competitor. I was also tapping into training from my first position as a professional media trainer and incorporating my theater and performance background. One day I was leading a cipher workshop at a Hip Hop conference and it occurred to me that this was no longer just a Hip Hop workshop but the session was indeed about communication and self expression, theater and performance, but to my surprise it was also about empowerment, healing and honoring one’s authentic voice. The healing and spiritual work I had done was also seeping into my facilitation.  Whether it was a group of emcees (rappers) and poets or teachers or business professionals and non-profit organizers. It was a moment of realization.  My life’s work had synchronized itself and I was flowing in more ways than one.

I started with a focus online and after becoming really comfortable with my Google Hangout Video sessions realized that 50% of my clients preferred in-person coaching. Ironically, it took me a minute to adjust to having so many face-to-face encounters.  I laugh at myself when I think back to my initial discomfort with coaching in cyberspace.

What has been most powerful about my communication coaching business is discovering the spiritual aspects of helping a client go from point A to point B with whatever it is they are trying to convey. One client I met at a retreat and when she came to me she was in a very dark space.  She had a lot going on in her life and there was a month break in our work.  When she returned, her energy had shifted and she had some amazing inner-growth moments during the break. I felt drained after our first session but there I was feeling uplifted and fed and inspired to give her my all during our second.  The process of exploring what it is she really wanted to say to the world shook things up and sparked her inner-light.

The Fastgirls, a project that connects women to participate in 40 to 90 day challenges that inspire emotional and physical wellness, as well as, professional and personal development, allowed me to speak to the participants in their current “challenge”. I’ve been working one-on-one as well as with small groups where both the individual and collective energy creates a container for so much beauty and healing.  Working with Fastgirls provided me with the space to hone my skills as a guide to tranformation-communication and self-expression —because what I do now is more than a public speaking coach.

I have clients working on signature talks, elevator speeches, sales pitches and marketing videos. My clients are both male and female, but I seem to be specializing in women this season. They are entrepreneurs, social do gooders, educators, and artists, as well as, lawyers, MBA types, life coaches and health practitioners. I am excited to offer my Winter Special to the world.  I say “world” because we can work online or in-person so it doesn’t matter where you are. Do you have a talk you have been thinking about formulating? Is there something you want to express? Are you a business owner who could use a little support in sharing what you offer? Contact me to schedule a free consultation at or 415.813.2898.



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