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French fries call my name….

I am on a healing path.  It is my intention to move my body back into balance, to reverse the health conditions that are troubling me, to shrink the “growths” that are in my body temple, to maintain and manage my energy, my vibrance and to feel good more often than not.

The more I learn about nutritional medicine, the use of plants and natural substances to heal and the importance of emotional wellness, the more I realize that we should be working in partnership with our doctors instead of going to them for all of the answers.  You know your body better than anyone else. This is one of the reasons that allopathic or mainstream medicine does not resonate with me.  I see little proof of it making a difference other than in emergency/crisis situations. I was given all sorts of allergy and asthma medications from age six to 26 and I am sure those drugs caused various kinds of damage.  I mean, we’ve all seen the pharmaceutical commercials for new meds and heard the long list of side of effects at the end. I’m not against hospitals but would love to be a part of a movement to make them better.

Part of my contribution to this movement is to share what I am learning and to be as transparent as possible about my challenges.  It is not an easy path, but there are no magic pills and no quick fixes. Healing Naturally is more of a video diary that I’m making public.

This short video clip speaks to how there are some days where fried food seems to call my name.  It’s as if we were old loves unable to part from one another.  It’s as if I was somehow wired to want these things cooked in high heat and lots of oil.  The logical part of me knows it’s programming, socialization and habit.  The emotional part of me knows it’s about memories of a huge cast iron skillet on grandma’s stove frying up everything from chicken that looked and tasted better than any restaurant to hot water cornbread soon to be dipped in honey.  I know how good I feel when I’m eating lots of fresh living foods, when I’m eating fruits and vegetables, drinking my fresh juices and smoothies, but this stuff is like a monkey on my back.  It’s hard to understand why because there are physical consequences when I slip.  I’m staying inspired because I confronted sugar addiction, wheat and bread, dairy and candy and none of that bothers me anymore so I know I can do it. I just need your prayers, your affirmations and maybe a 12 step fried fish and french fry support group.


Headed to Wellville

Headed to Wellville

The journey to Wellville as naturopath Dr. Morse likes to say can be a long but rewarding road.  There are pictures of my mom rubbing Vick’s vaporub on me as a baby while in the crib.  There are also photos of a six year old me with knee high socks and a little bulge on my right leg. That’s where I stored my tissues while playing. Then there are the memories of tests, shots, medication and ER visits. These visuals not only help to remind me of what I have endured but also how far I have come.

This was a month before I had to quit softball due to allergies and asthma. Oh, she was so happy to join the team.

This was two weeks before I had to quit softball due to allergies and asthma. Oh, look at  how happy I was to join the team.

As I sit in my bed this morning, I’m meditating on healing the imbalances in my body–shrinking the tumor, dealing with anemia, a highly acidic system and physical pain. The side-effects of pills have caused other concerns and discomforts that inspired my renewed commitment to being gangsta about my health. The plus side of my approach to health care is that I didn’t catch the flu once this year or last year and no shots were needed. I fought off three or four colds and none of them lasted more than a day or two.


A friend recently asked, “How’s your eczema?” I looked at her while lifting my skirt to show her my legs and asked, “What eczema?” We laughed, shared food stories and I closed my eyes in gratitude.  Twelve years ago the eczema was so bad I had to wear burn bandages on my calves for a month to keep my legs from being infected.  Lifestyle changes included stress and energy management, cutting out gluten and refined sugar, and eating a more alkaline diet.  The proof is not in the pudding but in my skin.

Many naturopathic doctors and healers say that we are own healer and doctors are here to support us on that path.  I am learning so much about myself and my body.  What I recently thought were asthma symptoms were actually symptoms of acid reflux and an overly acidic body.  I believe that the pills I’ve taken for pain over the years have damaged my stomach lining.  Indeed, none of these are unique issues and millions of people suffer from the same thing but my research tells me that left unresolved these are the things that turn into cancers and other diseases. If my system has been the way it is since I was a baby then it is time for an aggressive, proactive approach to changing and healing it.

As an empath and highly sensitive person, I can feel when people around me are out of balance. I can feel the stress of others and can sense when someone is about to crash, especially those I love.  I can feel sadness and if I talk with a person for even a brief while I know the state of their hearts.  I can even feel when death is in the air and I know when someone does not want to be here.  Many of us can feel these things but are often too busy to notice. I, however, have no choice.  Of course, all of this feeling helps to complicate healing so my wellness journey has required I go deeper than I planned.

A sensitive digestive system is very common to people who share my sun sign, Virgo. There are other sensitivities that I have that are very common to artists.  I’m easily over-stimulated and have had to incorporate a number of rituals in my life to prevent overwhelm. Meditation and prayer are not something to do, they are my lifeline to staying well and as critically important as is drinking water.

The wellness journey reveals a lot about what you are made of but it also speaks to the character of other people in your life. You discover that there are friends and loved ones who will actually judge you for your condition.  There are those who severely lack compassion and others whose self-absorption is exposed as they only notice what they need to get from you while never truly acknowledging how you feel.  What others are going through is secondary to their work and goals. It’s not that these are particularly bad people.  It’s just that they have “character issues” and things to work through. Your life lesson may be connected to your physical health while their lesson is more deeply tied to spiritual wellness, character development and relationship.

I had a few health scares this year that have shaken me to my core but I now wake up with more gratitude than I ever thought possible. This journey has helped me return to my creative center because it is a major key to balance in my life. The peace has helped me lose weight without trying and it has challenged me to transform my life spiritually. I have released so much baggage this year, honored boundaries and finally learned to say yes to me by saying no. My relationship is healthy and supportive and I don’t have one toxic friendship in my world.  Now, as a former drama queen that is the real miracle.

Little Toni lunching with the ladies @ Disney Land.

Little Toni lunching with the ladies @ Disney Land.

Raising my glass of green drink to you this morning.  Let’s toast to the miraculous, to healing our hearts, our minds and our bodies. Yes, I focus on the good because positive energy is healing. I speak words on a higher vibration because that is where I want to live. I smile because I am truly happy but this path to Wellville  is a trip so please keep me in your prayers.  I love you.

Resource Sharing

Here’s some of the stuff I am exploring this month:


Dr. Jamie Koufman’s book:  Reflux Cook Book  http://www.refluxcookbook.com/

Dr. Jamie Koufman’s book:  Chronic Cough Enigma http://www.amazon.com/Chronic-Cough-Enigma-recognize-neurogenic/dp/1940561000/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401280410&sr=1-1&keywords=chronic+cough

Q&A 224 Dr Robert Morse:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApG8AXFVk7c

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