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50 Cent + Deepak Chopra = Inspiration

It’s morning, I’m listening to Dr. Christiane Northrup on Hayhouse Radio and reading the multiple comments 50 Cent is making about OWS, politics and the economy.  He’s honoring those who are making their voices heard and chiming in with his own insights and opinions.  The world is waking up.

A month or so ago I sat at Deepak Homebase waiting for 50 Cent to appear. Curious, I wanted to hear what he had to say, what he had to share. The interview was being videotaped and a few seats were saved up close for the “hip-hop people”. 🙂 Well, 50 entered polished yet humble. He sat, almost nervously, and his interaction with Deepak was sincere from the beginning. It was interesting to hear him tell his story in such an intimate environment.  I couldn’t tell if it was because of Deepak’s energy or just the space he is in now, but his authenticity was not only believable, it was inspiring.  Now, most who are familiar with my work and the trajectory of my hip-hop life know that I am a hip-hop artist, activist and a cultural ambassador.  I’ve spoken publicly about solutions to the problems and what’s wrong with hip-hop for years. Although I danced “In da Club” with the best of them (yes, I did) and sang “It’s Your Birthday” (for many of my girls) 50 Cent’s image was never anything I could celebrate.  I often wondered what was beneath the surface of this powerful man.  I pondered his level of consciousness and questioned if he was present and/or even cared about anything other than money.

So part of my spiritual practice has involved learning to be less judgmental, to let go of self-righteousness and to practice ‘listening’ with a different set of ears.  Over the years I’ve felt a few people I know “write me off” for very different reasons, but the end result is still the same.  No one enjoys being judged.  I went to this event with an open mind (and heart).

I had a chance to ask 50 a question about resilience.  I wanted to know how he gets back up after a failure. What goes through his head when he makes a mistake and then gets the drive to do something new, different, bigger? This was in September so I don’t remember word for word, but his key point:  There is no plan B. He suggested I approach the work with the mindset of failure not being an option.  He elaborated on these points of course as Deepak Chopra probed and built on his responses.  I admitted that I never thought I would be a student of 50 Cent, but I sat eager to learn from this over-achiever who has mastered the ability to both envision and manifest.  What do I like about 50? He is a doer.

At the end of the day, my humbling moment was having to admit that the conversation not only revealed a different side of 50, but it also serves as a reminder that we have much to learn from each other. I’ve had debates with a few hip-hop scholar and activist friends about my enrollment in the 50 Cent Academy.  Some can’t get it, but what I’ve started doing is suggesting they practice what they preach to their students and own children, encouraging them to ‘listen’ from the space of non-judgment with a willingness to explore the possibility that we each grow, mature and evolve.

The last quarter of this year is about making quantum leaps with each of my projects.  It is so on.  Yes, the recession is very real, yet we are manifesting creativity, sustainability and positioning for longevity.  I spoke with Erica Ford, CEO of Life Camp and a dear friend of mine, about the mindset we need to have as we move into 2012.  A few from our community missed out on this inspiring evening because they assumed there wasn’t anything in it for them.  It was powerful.  We must be careful and not allow “consciousness” to close our minds.  That can’t be good.

Lessons learned from this evening:  Be critical, but be open. Be a listener and be about it. There is so much beauty in the doing and we can learn from everyone.

I’m so excited for 50’s evolution and pray that he’ll be guided his spirit.  50, thank you for the inspiration.