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Summer Cleansing

So I did a great Spring cleanse, but I’m getting signs that the rest of my Summer will also be about detoxification.  Getting motivated has not been easy so I’m enrolling a small circle of ‘cleanse buddies’.   I started Queen Afua’s 21 day detox that includes a few cooked foods and a lot of vegetable juices and salads.   For some reason I thought I would be able to pull it off with performances, an out-of-state work trip, and a 10 day visit from little people (i.e. a 3 year old niece and an 11 year old nephew).  I live with a chef who loves to cook and loves eating even more.  Ideally, I would go to an intensive fasting retreat for a week and ride the momentum on my own, but that just isn’t in the budget.  I’m thinking that having a group will be sort of like having an exercise partner who wakes you up for a power walk on hard-to-get-out-of-the-bed-day.  I’m posting a few of the possible cleanses or you could do research and share yours with us.  We also want to share recipes and strategies for smoothies, juices, snacks and meals.  Now, one of my ‘cleanse buddies’ has decided that her “cleanse” will be more of a “purging”.  She’ll use the time to let go of a few food addictions that came back over the past couple of years.  My mom is cutting back pastries and white flour products.  Let me know if you would like to join us.  We’ll do a weekly call and might even do a celebration feast of salad, smoothies and vegetable chips! If next month  or September suits you better, then let me know.  This is all about lifestyle change and this health movement will last all year!  #Healing

Brown Rice Cleanse-Dr. Linda Rector Pagehttp://drlindapage.typepad.com/healthyhealing/2010/01/brown-rice-cleanse.html

Queen Afua’s 21 Day Detox


Food Elimination Diet (to pinpoint allergies and food intolerances)



The Remedy

I haven’t even read Supa Nova Slom’s recently released book, “The Remedy”, yet.  I’m just  in love with his moniker “Hip Hop’s Medicine Man”.  It’s lovely, isn’t it?  The world needs a voice from Generation Next to speak directly about health issues while presenting solutions.  At a time when transformation is critically needed, he honors his legacy as the son of Queen Afua, the best-selling and celebrated author of “Sacred Woman” and “Heal Thy Self”.   The book is distributed by Harper Collins and can be purchased in stores or online http://theremedybook.ning.com/ I plan on picking up a few copies of the book for myself and for a few close friends who are entertaining the idea of  “change”, but haven’t gone beyond the ‘eat more salad-drink more water’ step of healthy living.  We talked about doing his five week detox together.  Based on Supa Nova’s passion and the fact that he was raised in this lifestyle, one can be assured that he walks his talk.  I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired. Make sure you check out “The Remedy”.