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i hate valentine’s day

i hate valentine’s day

it’s nothing personal against
cupid or the little curly haired
girl on cards and decorations

i definitely don’t have anything
against chocolate candy, roses
or the color red

it’s just that like so many
other holidays it feeds on the
loneliness of the always consuming

valentine’s day is big business
in america

and ain’t got nothin’ to do with love

two too many fall prey to the hype
getting trapped in crowded rooms
full of nothing no one, but
a temporary fix for what’s
really ailing them

this let me give you some lovin’
once a year thing just does not fly

i prefer people who make me smile every day

and who is this mr. valentine’s
and why is cupid naked
and who wants to be shot with a damn
bow and arrow

does anyone know or
does it even matter

i mean, we’re all suckers anyway
celebrating holidays and days that
don’t move us forward

riding emotional ferris wheels
going round and round
and we pay people to sit there

this poem is a cry a plea
love is not to be bought or sold
it’s like air and water
a necessity

stuck in the air
sun and wind in our eyes
we cannot see

because we’re looking
for love

in all the wrong places
in all the wrong spaces
instead of in our own faces

-Toni Blackman


5am Haiku

Sunset in Dakar

the air breathes me in

enveloping my body

my soul is grateful