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Uganda in the House

It’s a beautiful gray morning.  The air is damp, but it is no longer raining.  I’ve got a little D.C. in the air with DJ Jav’s mixtape (ahem..CD) in the stereo—Tabi Bonney, Jay Electronica, Zion I, Estelle, Jay Z, M.I.A., Kev Brown…. I’ve already sipped my medicinal herbs, taken the iron and am debating what to do about breakfast. The Ugandans will be here in a few hours.  Photographer, Roshan Karmali, is coming over to shoot me for a series she’s doing.  It deals with tribalism and how one lives in a modern world while staying connected to her roots.  Silas, also known as Babaluku, will accompany her on the subway ride from Harlem.  Silas is one of Uganda’s leading MC’s, a hip hop educator and a vocal hip hop activist.  I am truly living a rich life.  It’s rich with people, with culture and music.  Most importantly, it’s rich with possibility as we build relationships and work on projects together.  I am looking forward to the day I’ll get to see their country.   I heart Africa.  🙂